The Future of Fraud: Understanding AI-Driven Account Takeover Tactics

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Explore the intricate world of account takeovers

Join our upcoming webinar that uncovers the hidden facets of AI-driven fraud and equips you with the knowledge to combat emerging threats. Dive deep into the world of account takeover tactics in our engaging 50-minute session prepared by expert speakers from Nethone and Merchant Risk Council.

calendar 7 February 2024 time 1:00 - 2:00 p.m. GTM location Webinar laptop MRC Online Platform
Cybersecurity expert & top-rated in Central-Eastern Europe influencer
Mateusz Chrobok

Head of Fraud Intelligence

Deepen your knowledge about ATO fraud prevention with the author of the ATO Advanced Course available on the MRC platform. Discuss the tactics and techniques that fraudsters use.
All things payments and commerce - trend watcher and storyteller
Anda Kania

Product marketing - content and market insights

Anda is a professional with over a decade of experience in the payments, fintech, and fraud prevention sectors. Having served as an anchor journalist at major industry events and lead editor, she has a keen ability to analyze the ebbs and flows of the payments and financial industry. Currently focused on product marketing, Anda uses her storytelling skills and in-depth industry insights to offer a clear understanding of advanced payments tech products.
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What Awaits You


1. Understanding AI-Driven Fraud
  • Explore examples of synthetic identity fraud, deepfakes in financial fraud, and account takeover.
  • Examine Generative AI tools like FraudGPT, WormGPT, and other AI-based malware and phishing scams.
2. Real-World Case Studies
  • Gain insights from detailed case studies illustrating the challenges and successes in identifying and combating AI-driven fraud.
  • Participate in highly engaging polls to test your knowledge of AI involvement in specific fraud cases.
3. Detection and Prevention Techniques
  • Discover the latest machine learning algorithms used in detecting AI-based fraud.
  • Learn about behavioral analytics, anomaly detection, and predictive modelling.
4. Legal and Ethical Considerations
  • Explore the legal framework surrounding AI fraud, current regulations, and the ethical implications of utilizing AI in fraud detection and prevention.
5. Future Trends
  • Anticipate future trends in AI-driven fraud and understand how businesses and individuals can proactively prepare.


Who Should Attend:

Professionals from various sectors, including finance, cybersecurity, law enforcement, and digital commerce, as well as anyone interested in the dynamics of AI-driven fraud.

Don't miss out on this opportunity to stay informed and equipped in the fight against AI-driven fraud.

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