The ongoing war in Ukraine and its effects on credit card fraud

hosted by Andrew Elliott
hosted by Michał Barbaś

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In the latest Darknet Summary, we’ll look into the war in Ukraine and how sanctions against Russian are leading to a global rise in credit card fraud.


The war in Ukraine, sanctions against Russia and rising credit card fraud

In what is now a war that has been raging for over 100 days, western countries have responded in numerous ways, including turning to financial sanctions against Russia. It is these sanctions that have severely impacted transactions and trade between Russia and the west, with many companies deciding to leave the country. The immediate economic impact is being felt by people who now find themselves being made redundant as companies pack up and leave Russia. But it is also this group of people that are likely to turn to cybercrime in order to supplement their incomes...

Want to learn more? Listen to our podcast as Intelligence Specialist Michał Barbaś explains more about the global increase in credit card fraud originating from Russia!

Andrew Elliott
Content and Communication Specialist, Nethone

Michał Barbaś
Intelligence Specialist, Nethone

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