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A pioneering technology to profile online users

Profiler is a one-of-a-kind technology and a significant source of power to be leveraged by machine learning in the final decision, developed by Nethone’s intelligence specialists to enhance the performance of our fraud prevention suite - Nethone Guard. It's a technology for in-depth screening of user's interaction with the website to uncover their true intentions and prevent online payment fraud from happening. Profiler power comes from:

  • Reverse engineering of fraudsters' tools

    to find their key characteristics and collect more raw in-depth data attributes with every user visit.

  • Exhaustive user profiling

    exposing the lowest level details regarding user device, network characteristics, and raw behaviour associated with keystrokes, mouse and accelerometer.

  • 5000 + in-depth data attributes about every single end-user session

    gathered throughout your direct channels to fuel machine learning models with more knowledge and boost fraud detection accuracy.

The solution you need in e-business

Darknet know-how used to catch fraudsters

Out of 5K attributes, our experts created Signals - indicators of a higher probability of fraud based on specific in-depth data occurring at the same session. Signals fuel machine learning to skyrocket its recommendation accuracy.

Profiling Apps & Mobile Devices

All the know-how gained in web profiling has now been used to develop a mobile version and enrich it with IOS and Android specifics. Profiler increases blocked fraud attempts in apps by over 20%.

Part of the Nethone Guard Suite

Profiler is included in the Nethone Guard anti-fraud solution. The technology complements our machine learning algorithms to increase the accuracy of recommendations.

Fully GDPR & Privacy Policy compliant

Nethone’s infrastructure is based in the EU and is ready to fulfil all GDPR requirements. We act as a processor of data provided by the merchant, and we ensure the complete security of collected information.

Authenticate users with benefits to your business


Forget lost clients due to false positives.


Easy adjustable to industry-specific needs.


Reduce chargeback, manual reviews & fraud.


Guarantee frictionless experience as the screening happens in real-time in the background.

They Trusted Us

Nethone has created a set of deep user profiling tools that together with heavy expertise in machine learning allow us to better understand our end customers.
Konrad Howard
Konrad Howard
Co-Founder, Chief Product Officer
Nethone has a very similar approach to fraud prevention as ours and technology that seems to be one of the best in the market. We highly appreciate Nethone's Know Your User (KYU) approach to users profiling.
Hideaki Koga
Hideaki Koga
Executive Officer
Nethone has been able to read the intentions of our customers in real-time which has allowed us to contain the fraud problem, streamline our operational costs and boost our conversion rates.
Grzegorz Kwiecień
Grzegorz Kwiecień
Chief Operating Officer

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