Mangopay unveils vibrant new look for Nethone

New brand retains the legacy of Nethone while seamlessly connecting it with the Mangopay identity.



19 March 2024


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The fight against fraud is more crucial now than ever. After last year’s acquisition of fraud prevention specialists Nethone, Mangopay provides businesses with award-winning cybersecurity technology, expertise and intelligence. 

Since welcoming Nethone to the group, our teams have been working to bring the companies closer together - not only with our people and technology but also with our values and identity. 

Today, we take the latest step in that journey, as we unveil Nethone’s new look to align the brand with the wider group at Mangopay.

Say hello to Nethone’s new look

We were keen to retain the proven Nethone identity and footprint the team has built to date but give a fresh look and feel to bring it together with the Mangopay group. The new Nethone brand has now become an extension of the latest Mangopay communication ecosystem introduced last year. 

The new brand retains the legacy of Nethone while connecting it with Mangopay seamlessly and vibrantly. The new Nethone logo follows the same visual language and rhythm as the Mangopay logo. Both Nethone and Mangopay logos can now be used in harmony together or standalone, while always strengthening each other through a consistent look and feel.

The new Saans typeface, forms, shapes, use of color, and layout further strengthen Nethone’s connection with the mother brand. The fresh set of social and marketing communication guidelines allows for efficient and bold visual communication in all channels, following the proven path of the new Mangopay branding released last year. 

A fresh look for an established fraud prevention brand

Nethone already has a well-established brand. As well as the marketplace and platform businesses we work with, clients across the ecommerce and financial sectors in particular benefit from Nethone’s cutting-edge technology and team expertise to strengthen their fight against fraud. 

Nethone supports clients in multiple countries, across Europe and the Americas, working with well-known partners such as Vinted, ING, Wallapop, BlaBlaCar and Ratepay. 

Leading the fight against fraud

We are proud of Nethone’s AI-driven cybersecurity solution which guards against an evolving range of threats, including account takeover by both bots and humans, reseller fraud, payment fraud, chargebacks, and return abuse.

Our Nethone fraud solution provides the industry with a modularized approach that offers end-to-end protection at every step of the user journey from login to post-payment, giving clients and partners peace of mind.

And Nethone continues to be award winning - just last week being named ‘Fraud prevention company of the year’ at the Fintech Breakthrough Awards.

Perfectly positioned for growth

We are excited to share this evolution of the Nethone brand in harmony with the Mangopay identity at an exciting time in our growth journey.

We remain committed to driving new solutions at what is a crucial time in the fight against fraud and last week’s award is just one example of how our Nethone team and technology goes from strength to strength.

As we continue to improve and establish our brand, we look forward to supporting and powering the growth of our partners with our modular and flexible payment infrastructure and fraud prevention solutions.

Start your fight against fraud with Nethone

Start your fight against fraud with Nethone

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