MI^2 DataLab by Nethone launched at Warsaw University of Technology

The mission of MI^2 DataLab powered by Nethone is to create new solutions for advanced analysis, processing and visualization of data.

Magdalena Kowalska

Head of Marketing

19 July 2016


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On Thursday (1 June), the official opening of a new Data Science laboratory was held at the Faculty of Mathematics and Information Science of the Warsaw University of Technology (MiNI PW). The laboratory has been created thanks to the cooperation of MI^2 Group – researchers and students from the MiNI PW and MIM UW Faculties, and Nethone – the leading provider of AI-based Anti-Fraud and Business Intelligence solutions.

The mission of MI^2 DataLab

The mission of MI^2 DataLab is to create new solutions for advanced analysis, processing and visualization of data. The laboratory will enable scientists, students and postgraduates to work together effectively to build new analytical tools and IT solutions in the Data Science area. The MI^2 group is a team of researchers, students and graduates from the MiNI PW and MIM UW Faculties, who specialise in analysing large and complex datasets including genetic, medical, and sensor data (Internet of Things).

The new laboratory has been equipped with advanced hardware, including the latest model of Skriware 3D printer. In MI^2 DataLab can comfortably accommodate up to 15 people. Therefore, besides numerous research projects ran by MI^2 Group, the facility will be regularly used for workshops, hackathons and meet-ups, such as “open Tuesdays” –  series of meetings for everyone interested in exploring and testing new data analytics solutions.


"Launching DataLab is a great opportunity for both MI^2 Group and the whole Warsaw Data Science community. Building this laboratory has been our goal for many months. We wanted to create a special space for creative work that would attract passionates of data analysis and become a forge of new, advanced analytical solutions. The Lab has been built on the model of Hackerspaces and MediaLabs, according to the Learn&Do principle. During the seminars researchers, postgraduates and students will present and discuss innovations in the world of Machine Learning, data visualization, and processing of large data. We will test these innovations afterwards in projects that we carry out in collaboration with physicians, biologists and business organizations" said Sc.D., Eng. Przemysław Biecek, MI^2 Group.

The opening of MI^2 DataLab perfectly complements the current activities and plans of the Warsaw University of Technology. In February 2017, the Faculty of Mathematics and Information Science introduced the specialization of Data Science within the second degree of information technology studies. And starting from October a new programme will be launched devoted to this interdisciplinary field of study. Together with the MIM UW Faculty, joint doctoral studies in data analysis will also be opened. Data scientists are one of the most desirable specialists on the market right now and the quality of education is of key importance for their future employers.

"MI^2 Group members are world class Data Scientists. Our company builds its position in the market thanks to a large extent to the cooperation with the best specialists. We decided to help create MI^2 DataLab, because we know how important it is for ambitious projects in the field of data processing, modeling and visualization to have adequate facilities" said Hubert Rachwalski, COO, Nethone. "We are extremely pleased to contribute to the development of Polish Data Science environment not only in business, but also at the academic level. We believe that this is the way to build innovative economy" he added.

DaftCode Group involvement

This is not the first initiative taken by Daftcode Group, Nethone’s parent company, which contributes to the development of Polish Science.

"MI^2 DataLab is another example of DaftCode Group involvement in collaboration with Polish scientific centers. About a year ago, together with the University of Warsaw we launched a laboratory for learning programming at the Faculty of Mathematics, Computer Science and Mechanics. Now, thanks to the creation of the DataLab, the Warsaw University of Technology can prepare students for a profession where success is primarily through know-how. By supporting Polish universities, we are increasing the chances of training highly qualified Data Science specialists" – said Jędrzej Szcześniak, co-founder of DaftCode.

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