Nethone strengthens commitment to fraud prevention with ISO 27001

Nethone has been awarded ISO 27001 certification by the International Organisation for Standardization.

Mark Burton

Chief Technology Officer

21 February 2023


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Nethone, the challenger machine learning-based fraud prevention company that enables eCommerce merchants and financial institutions to holistically understand their end-users, has been awarded ISO 27001 certification by the International Organisation for Standardization.

The certification demonstrates Nethone's commitment to protecting the confidential information of its clients, employees, and business partners and enhancing the security of its fraud detection and prevention products.

ISO 27001, the most widely recognized information security management standard, provides a systematic and risk-based approach to managing sensitive information. The certification process involved a rigorous audit of Nethone's information security management system, including its policies, procedures, and controls.

Founded in 2016 by a group of security experts, financial business executives, and data scientists, Nethone now solves fraud challenges for over 100 global eCommerce and financial industries players, such as BlaBlaCar, Azul, Grover, Ramp, Grupo Boticário, Wema Bank, and many more. In 2022, Nethone joined MangoPay Group, a pan-European provider of platform payment & wallet infrastructure, to offer enhanced anti-fraud capabilities catered to marketplaces and platforms. 

Commitment to best practices in information security

Mark Burton, Chief Technology Officer at Nethone, comments: “Obtaining ISO27001 demonstrates Nethone’s commitment to best practices in information security and will give our customers increased confidence in our platform. Nethone is a well established and fast growing company and certification was the next logical step in our information security programme to validate our operational excellence and we will continue to build further during 2023.“

Nethone has introduced on the market a modular Know Your User™ solution, enabling all online businesses to thrive without risk-related friction across channels, and is successfully addressing a wide spectrum of fraud types, such as bot attacks, ATO, CNP fraud, or chargeback fraud, while providing financial services companies and merchants with real-time actionable recommendations. 

Thanks to its unique profiling solution that analyses unique hardware, software, device, network, and behavioral data on both web and native mobile app channels, and advanced ML technologies, Nethone brings out to the payments industry a modularized approach that offers end-to-end protection at every step of the user journey from login to post-payment. With the addition of the ISO 27001 certification, Nethone's clients and partners can have peace of mind that their sensitive information is protected to the highest standards. 

In related news, Nethone also received SOC2 Type 1 certification, which confirms their security setup is compliant with the standard. This marks the first step to full SOC2 standard compliance. This achievement ensures the company’s controls operate effectively to meet trust. 

Would you like to know more about our security efforts?

Would you like to know more about our security efforts?

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