Merchant Payment Ecosystem 2023

Join Nethone at the European #1 merchant payments event!


Join Nethone at Merchant Payment Ecosystem 2023 conference to learn about fraud in the payment industry. Our team will be there to discuss our innovative approaches to identifying and preventing fraud while maintaining a seamless customer experience. During the conference, you will meet Nethone’s Head of Business Development, Patric Drexler; VP of Business Development, Eric Alegre; Head of Customer Success, Bruna Luise Müller and CEO of HDX Global, representing Nethone as VP of Payments, Neil Smith.

Let's connect at booth w25, which we share with our MANGOPAY family! Discover how MANGOPAY and Nethone can help your business stay ahead of the curve.

Don't miss an opportunity to listen to Neil Smith on the second day of the event at 4.45 pm CET in Room Potsdam 3. Neil will explain why SCA Avoiding SCA exemptions is no longer an option. Neil will dive into the challenges of Strong Customer Authentication and share strategies for avoiding exemptions while delivering a seamless and secure payment experience. See you there!

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calendar 28-30 March 2023 time Starts at 9 AM location Berlin, Germany user-1 In Person
Bruna Luise Müller

Head of Customer Success

In charge of the Customer Success team, who is responsible for ensuring that Nethone delivers value to our customers so that they can achieve their business goals.
Neil Smith

CEO of HDX Global, representing Nethone as VP of Payments

The founder and CEO of HDX Global, through which he cooperates and represents Nethone to build a payments strategy and infrastructure leading to business growth.
Patrick Drexler

Head of Brand Development

Managing the business development team globally.
Eric Alegre

VP of Business Development, Nethone

Responsible for brand development with key accounts.

Talking points from Neil:

  • SCA implementation in Europe: challenges and successes
  • SCA is working, but fraudsters are trying new tricks
  • Maximising TRA Exemptions: what eComm merchants need to know
  • SCA plans for the future? It's going global.

This event is best for:

Fraud managers

Merchant Payment Ecosystem 2023 conference is a perfect opportunity for fraud managers to stay ahead of the curve in protecting their businesses from ever-evolving fraud. As a Fraud manager, you can learn from experts and peers in the industry, network with other fraud managers, and gain insights into the latest technologies and strategies for fraud prevention. 

Business managers

Merchant Payment Ecosystem 2023 conference is ideal for business managers who want to stay ahead of the competition. The conference covers digital transformation, customer experience, and payment acceptance, making it a one-stop shop for any business manager looking to improve their organisation's operations.

Meet Eric and discuss your fraud prevention needs